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Library Hours

Tuesday through Saturday
11:00 am to 2:00 pm

Telephone: 604.883.2983
Address: 12952 Madeira Park Road
Email: phrclibrary@gmail.com

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Financial Issues 

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The Reading Centre has largely been a self-funded organization.  Our current budget runs to around $10,000 annually.  In 1986, the Reading Centre was left a bequest of $66,000. for the provision of library services, to use in any way that the Board chose.  The interest on this bequest has provided for most of our expenses and made moving into the building we now occupy practical.  Later, a subsequent bequest of $10,000 was added to it. .At that time, there was also a provincial grant provided to all BC libraries as well as small reading centres like ours.  The provincial grant was cancelled years ago, and interest rates dropped drastically since those days, as the price of books and all other expenses continued to rise.  Past Boards decided to dip into the bequest funds to make up any shortfalls which arose, and a few “Angel” donors also appeared to help keep us afloat.  For the past few years we have used only a small amount of the bequest annually. A few years ago, we turned to the SCRD for Grant-In-Aid funding and were successful in replacing some of the lost funding. Under the leadership of a previous Area A Director, Frank Mauro, we moved from being dependent on the Grant-In-Aid process to having a permanent spot in the SCRD budget which funds other libraries on the Sunshine Coast.

Early this year, as part of the budget process, the SCRD  required us to come up with a sustainable business plan and to end the practice of dipping into our reserve funds to meet any shortfalls.
Recommendation No. 4                Pender Harbour Reading Centre
THAT the budget submission from the Pender Harbour Reading Centre be received;
AND THAT at 2021 Round 1 Budget, Pender Harbour Reading Centre provide a business plan to address the ongoing deficits and sustainable plan for the future including use of endowment funds and interest revenue.

We are polling, you, our members to find out what suggestions and ideas you might have to help us create a sustainable future for the Reading Centre.  Please enter the Survey below and give us your ideas.  The Survey has three short screens.  Please remember to click on “Submit” when you are finished.  Please note:  All donations to the Reading Centre of $20 or more are tax deductible.
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We are open Tuesday through Saturday 11 am to 2 pm – books taken out during our Covid induced closure are fine free.

  • ONE Reading Centre Member, at a time,  can come into the Reading Centre to browse for materials.  Masks are required. (We can provide one if you don’t have your own.) We ask everyone to be patient as people take their turn.
  • DELIVERY SERVICE FROM SECHELT PUBLIC LIBRARY HAS RESUMED:  books returning to Sechelt must be in the box at the Reading Centre on any Thursday by 1 PM.  Books picked up in Pender Harbour will be delivered to Sechelt Public Library on Friday.
  • If you do not want to come into the Reading Centre, requests for books can be left with library volunteers now, to be filled as soon as we can provide take-out service.  To find out what we have visit our “LibraryThing” Online Catalogue at:  https://www.librarything.com/catalog/phreadingcentre  Email your requests to:  phrclibrary@gmail.com. We will also provide a “grab bags” that will try to suit your taste in reading material using a request form.
  • To access our request form, please click here
  • Out of an abundance of caution, we will be following the same protocols that larger public libraries are following, including frequent cleaning, frequent hand washing, and the use of rubber gloves and face masks, etc. This is to protect both our members and our volunteers.
  • If you are actually quarantined at home and are desperate for reading material,  please email phrclibrary@gmail.com Note your phone number and address in your email, and we will try to get a volunteer to help you by delivering books to your home.  This includes access to books online if you don’t know how to do that
  • A limited “take out” service is available now through Sechelt Public Library.  For details, please see:  https://sechelt.bc.libraries.coop/discover/28807-2/
  • Digital services are also available through Sechelt Public Library

Thanks for your consideration,
Karen Dyck, for the Pender Harbour Reading Centre Board






Check out our new books!

Once on the LibraryThing site, you can view all the authors in a list if you wish, then look at the individual books of that author. Start by clicking on the           Entry Date column to see the new additions.

go to LibraryThing


Breaking News!

The Pender Harbour Reading Centre has received a Covid-19 program grant from the Sunshine Coast Community Foundation of $694.00 to offset our extra costs in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic.  The Pender Harbour Reading Centre appreciates this grant.







DELIVERY SERVICE FROM SECHELT PUBLIC LIBRARY HAS RESUMED:  books returning to Sechelt must be in the box at the Reading Centre on any Thursday by 1 PM.  Books picked up in Pender Harbour will be delivered to Sechelt Public Library on Friday.




The Pender Harbour Reading Centre

  • The READING CENTRE is operated by the Pender Harbour Reading Society as a non-profit society providing a limited library service to residents of Pender Harbour, Egmont, and Secret Cove. We are managed and are run by an entirely volunteer workforce. Thanks to the devotion and hard work of our volunteers, the library has thrived for more than fifty years. We are always looking for additional volunteers.  Find out about volunteering at PHRC.
  • We specialize in leisure reading materials, based on the interests of our members. We participate in BC’s Interlibrary Loan System and can borrow books from other libraries, provided they were published two or more years ago.
  • We have an almost complete collection of Harbour Publishing’s books. These are books about the Pacific Northwest and, especially the Sunshine Coast. Look for the books with orange dots on the spine.
  • Our funding is based upon an initial bequest donated in 1982, other small grants, and donations which are always welcome.

Latest News

Thanks to the Sunshine Coast Regional District for ongoing financial support. Pender Harbour residents may also use the Sechelt and District Public Library, thanks to SCRD tax support.> read more